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Heat Waves 1 hour version - Glass Animals (desc)

Channel : Wavey Kirby · on 05-09-2020 12:36:59 AM
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disabled comments because of all the dnf stuff, it doesn't sit right that people are sexualising the song, despite most of the songs in the album being about daves trauma.

alot of comments:

"thank you for making this!"
its fine! i mostly did it for me and a friend on discord, but im glad dage is getting attention!!

"a 10 hour version?"
i have tried but sadly it won't export :(

"anyone else come from fifa?"
hey fifa fans! glad you like daves songs, if you like this one, listen to your love (deja vu) as that is another great song from the album

"anyone else from dnf?"
okay, i am also a mcyt fan, but please don't sexualise this song, don't ruin it for us. (a long paragraph of saying why)

"any other good glass animal songs?"
all of them..
(all of their albums AND COVERS are good)

"are you making any more?"
i want to do the rest of dreamland (your love being next) and then i will HTBAHB, zaba, and then any leaflings/covers.

if you have any more questions, or any thing urgent to tell me, message on another video, on discord (Kirby/Leo#0420) if that doesn't work then join the ga discord and ask for Kirby or Leo, thank you!!

original desc:

this song had no 1 hour version

all rights go to glass animals obviously

original song:

this took half an hour to export onto my phone

originally comment:

Hey Yall, me again. i know alot of you are coming from the DNF fan fiction amd i want to say this.

please please please please, dont ship real people. it can ruin friendships, its been done in the past. eg markiplier and jacksepticeye.
yes the fanfiction is cute and has some great writing techniques but if yall go to crazy then dreams and georges friendship could be in danger and there is proof of them noticing it and having to be careful.
George - 'building my Minecraft house smp' he said "i blank dream, i can't say the word as itll be clipped" the word was love and they know that itll be used in the wrong context.

as well as that the original creators of the song and the glass animal fandom is 1) mostly against shipping real people and 2) we don't massively appreciate this being seen as only a ship song for a couple of mc yt. I've kinda seen this happen with their old song pork soda and and eddsworld.

just.. do be careful. you don't want to ruin their friendship. the pbtribe is glad to see that out beloved artists are getting recognition and are being seen, but we don't want it to only be for a Minecraft ship.

thank you.

also i am trying to get a 10 hour version out

edit: not hearting things anymore but, they may say its fine, just remember to not go overboard. some people say it is and it still can ruin things. just, don't go insane

link to official ga discord: