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강다니엘 (KANGDANIEL) - Nirvana (Feat. pH-1, WDBZ) MV Reaction

Channel : EliMarie Reacts · on 25-11-2022 12:37:27 PM
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WOW. Kang Daniel never disappoints! KANG DANIEL - Nirvana (Feat. pH-1, WDBZ) MV is amazing!

강다니엘(KANGDANIEL) - Nirvana (Feat. pH-1, WDBZ) MV -

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Kang Daniel ‘Nirvana’ is such a great song. I think the collaboration with pH-1 was fantastic. Also having WDBZ in the music video was awesome. Overall Kang Daniel ‘Nirvana’ is a solid comeback.

Kang Daniel (강다니엘 ) is a South Korean kpop singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. He was a member of Wanna One but is now a soloist. He established an agency called KONNECT Entertainment.

Kang Daniel has fantastic songs such as Color, What are you up to, Horizon, I HOPE, Jealous, Adulthood, 2U, Interview, Touchin’, Waves (featuring Simon Dominic and Jamie), 깨워 Who U Are, Movie (feat. Dvwn), Paranoia, Antidote, Ready to Ride, Outerspace feat. Loco and more.

강다니엘 KANG DANIEL The Story: RETOLD is his first full album repackage that includes the songs: Parade, Selfish, Upside Down, Loser (feat. Dbo), Don’t Tell (feat. Jessi), Nirvana (feat. pH-1, WDBZ), Ride 4 U, How We Live (feat. Sokodomo), Mad (feat. Chancellor), 1000x, Ghost, Moment, The Story, Ride 4 U (remix), and Nirvana (solo ver).

What did you think of 강다니엘 KANG DANIEL - Nirvana (Feat. pH-1, WDBZ) MV?




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